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11-inch Cast Panel Lamp


Beautiful detail and craftsmanship make this 11 inch cast panel lamp a must-have for collectors and those that look for quality antique lamps. Meticulously restored and rewired, this lamp would be a beautiful addition to any room. | Circa 1920s.

1920s Panel Lamp, Original Finish


This beautiful Panel Lamp, Circa 1920s, is a showcase of the craftsmanship of that era. Take a close look at the detail on the shade and base and you’ll see what we mean. This lamp would be a great addition to any room and will surely be a conversation piece. The lamp has been meticulously restored and rewired. | Circa 1920s

1920's Panel lamp, lighted base, overlay shadeOut Of Stock

Panel Lamp with Lighted Base and Overlay Shade


Beautiful Panel Lamp with Lighted Base and Overlay Shade | Circa 1920s

wilkinson circa 1870 panel lamp 15in shadewilkinson circa 1870 panel lamp 15in shade_2Out Of Stock

Wilkinson 15″ Panel Lamp


Wilkinson 15 Inch Panel Lamp | Circa 1870.